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One might presume on this basis Los Angeles businesses from restaurants to spas are free to pursue CBD sales, so long as the product was low THC. Not so fast… (And this is why it’s essential to talk to a qualified Los Angeles CBD sales attorney before launching your next product line or weekend special.)

Federal Developments on Hemp and CBD Production and Sales

The 2018 Farm Bill just took it a bit farther by de-scheduling CBD altogether.

As a longtime Los Angeles cannabis business attorney, I’m closely familiar with the rapid legal changes in this dynamic industry. Sometimes, answers can change one day to the next. CBD (formally known as cannabidiol) is poised to become the next hottest cannabis commodity. It’s noted for its medicinal properties (particularly for joint pain, seizures, anxiety and insomnia) and low THC levels, meaning it doesn’t produce a high. It also blends well in almost everything – from cocktails to hand creams.

Southern California businesses with questions on CBD production and sale can direct them to our knowledgeable cannabis attorneys serving Los Angeles and Orange County.

Even before passage of the 2018 Farm Bill or the DEA’s removal of industrial hemp and CBD from the Controlled Substances Act, the FDA approved an epilepsy drug called Epidolax, for which the active ingredient is CBD derived from cannabis sativa (as opposed to hemp). It’s used to treat rare forms of severe epilepsy.

Congressional approval of the December 2018 Farm Bill helped strengthen the legal argument for California businesses selling CBD and hemp products. That measure removed CBD, industrial hemp and all derivatives of cannabis with less than 0.3 percent THC from the U.S. Controlled Substances Act. That opens the door to a myriad of possibilities for sales of legal CBD and hemp.

Still, businesses eyeing the Southern California CBD market should discuss their plans with a Los Angeles CBD business attorney who can outline whatever concerns and contingencies persist. These include (but aren’t necessarily limited to) realities like:

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The Hemp & CBD Industry is Complex.

While its significance is commonly underestimated, the process of forming a marijuana startup as a legal entity is critically important with vast financial and management implications. Indeed, determining whether it is best for a marijuana company to designate itself as a Corporation, LLC, or perhaps even a Partnership is a function of a myriad of factors that our legal team can help you weave through. How many managing partners do you expect to have? Do you need to raise capital? Will this capital be raised from VC firms or from family and friends? The answers to these questions will also be important in drafting the articles of the operating agreements and corporate shareholder agreements.