cbd 15 to 1

Cbd 15 to 1

STRATOS immediate release tablets offer a standardized pill form that provides a rapid onset of effects, as well as accurate consistent results.

The bioavailability of tablets is greater than that of cannabis-infused food items. Tablet technology ensures that more of the dose you ingest is absorbed in the body. The major advantage of cannabis tablets is that they are much more powerful and will last much longer than traditionally smoked or vaped cannabis. With cannabis tablets, you can get all the benefits of typical medical marijuana use without the side effects of smoking. Stratos tablets are also more portable, thus making them much more discreet than the traditional method of combusting cannabis. These pills are a safer and arguably better way to get your THC and CBD dose. Especially good for sleep, relaxing, and energy.

Available at Kind Love Retail Stores in different sizes and ratios:
100/500 mg THC tablets. CBD/THC ratios : 25:1, 15:1, 2:1, and 1:1.

Ingredients: CBD oil, Organic MCT oil

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Thumb Coast CBD tincture is made with CBD and fractionated organic Kosher MCT oil. Tincture can provide numerous benefits for your physical, psychological and neurological well-being.

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