cannacopia cbd strain

I tried Harlequin, and it was a miserable experience time and again. Ended up making me ripped, and completely different. Paranoia, couldn't control my thoughts, seemed to make the pain more noticeable.

Last summer I was there – found the most amazing strain of CBD called 'Cannacopia' at a Venice Beach medical dispensary. Absolutely no high whatsoever; which was great. Had a calming effect and most important really helped with my pain I have (I have chronic pancreatitis). It was as good as any painkiller I have tried.

I am going to California in a week. I have chronic pain for several different ailments.

I have called the same spots in Venice to see if they have Cannacopia and everyone acts like they don't carry it or haven't heard of it. It's odd. Anyone know of a comparable strain to that, which won't make me high? Bless you for your help.

Now that cannabis is recreational in California and other states, people now have the opportunity to try products that weren’t available before.


LA Confidential is a stress relieving strain with an earthy taste. It promotes relaxation with a calm state of being.


Grape Ape has a sweet taste. This indica strain will ease your pain and keep your mind and body in a calm, relaxed state.

As legal pot becomes more pervasive, consumers can focus more on what, exactly, they like.

Cannabis, like alcohol, has many nuances to consider. Just as you’d never sidle up to a bar for a pint of “alcohol,” you should know more about cannabis than to request simply “weed.” This year saw a rise in appreciation for CBD, a major cannabinoid present in marijuana. THC, the heady component that makes users feel high, is the other major cannabinoid in cannabis. CBD doesn’t affect the mind; instead, it’s jam-packed with medicinal applications, spanning from treating menstrual cramps to epilepsy. As stigma surrounding cannabis wanes, patients interested in non-pharmaceutical treatments have more and more CBD-heavy options.

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Cannabis has had quite the year. Namely, companies learned the industry is hella lucrative – it’s a multi-billion dollar industry – and politicians gleaned supporting legalization can earn them some political sway. This year also ushered in a massive wave of luxe cannabis products and accessories. It’s safe to say what might have been considered the plant’s edge is now officially sanded and shellacked smooth. But just because something goes mainstream doesn’t mean it’s no longer cool. Look at craft beer! Now cannabis has completed a similar metamorphosis. And five strains in particular reigned 2017 supreme.