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There are several credit card companies out there, but which credit cards do marijuana seed banks accept? Find out in this article. Seed Banks That Accept Credit Cards Nowadays, you can buy almost anything online; the internet has changed the way we live. The only time you could get something was at the store a few years ago, Looking for a seed bank that accepts credit card payments? Check out our list of the best marijuana seed banks that accept credit cards.

Which Credit Cards Do Cannabis Seed Banks Accept?

Which Credit Cards Do Marijuana Seed Banks Accept?

Marijuana seed banks come in all shapes and sizes, offering various services. However, one question commonly comes up: Which credit cards do marijuana seed banks accept? This can be an essential question for those looking to make a purchase, as not all seed banks share the same payment options.

To save you some time on your next seed purchase, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular seed banks, and provided details about which credit cards they accept.

The most common credit cards include:

Greenpoint Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds is a Colorado seed bank that provides a fantastic selection of regular and feminized cannabis seeds. Many growers love this seed bank because it offers a great loyalty program that rewards customers for each purchase. With its frequent promotional sales, Reverse Auctions, and rewards program, you can get premium cannabis seeds for exceptionally low prices.

Greenpoint Seeds is a marijuana seed bank that accepts all major credit cards to ensure that its customers have various payment options. This seed bank accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover payments via MESH. They also have many other payment options, such as cryptocurrency, Cash App, money order, check, and cash.

Seeds Here Now

Seeds Here Now is another US marijuana seed bank with an impressive catalog of seeds. It deals exclusively in premium pot seeds and provides retail and wholesale services to its customers. In addition, Seeds Here Now offers an online store that delivers seeds to customers worldwide. You’ll find strains from top breeders around the globe at this seed bank.

Seeds Here Now accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. This retailer also accepts other payment methods, including cash, check, money order, and cryptocurrency.

True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank is a Canadian seed supplier specializing in both indoor and outdoor strains of cannabis. Why is it unique and essential? It provides the best quality genetics from some of the most reputable breeders in the world.

This seed bank accepts most major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. It also provides other payment options, such as money orders, wire transfers, cryptocurrency, and cash.

D.C. Seed Exchange

D.C. Seed Exchange is a Washington D.C.-based seed bank specializing in cannabis and hemp seeds. It is among the most respected seed banks in the United States, offering high-quality seeds and excellent customer service.

Its reputation for quality and service is well-known, and D.C. Seed Exchange accepts all major credit cards. The accepted credit cards include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Card. You can also pay with money orders and cash; however, this seed bank does not accept personal checks or international money orders.

Ground Up Genes

Group Up Genes is an online marijuana seed bank specializing in genetic preservation. This seed bank stands behind its products and offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Growers love this seed bank for its customer service and selection of strains.

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Group Up Genes accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You can also pay with Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies.

Which Credit Cards do Marijuana Seed Banks Accept: Conclusion

While most seed banks accept all major credit cards, a few still do not. If you are looking to purchase cannabis seeds, check with the seed bank beforehand to ensure that they accept your method of payment. It is best to go for seed banks like Greenpoint Seeds, which accepts all major cards and offers secure transactions via MESH. This will make your purchase quick and easy.

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Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Now that you know which credit cards marijuana seed banks accept, check out these popular strains from Greenpoint Seeds.

Seed Banks That Accept Credit Cards

Nowadays, you can buy almost anything online; the internet has changed the way we live. The only time you could get something was at the store a few years ago, and that only applied if it was available near your location. In particular, it was nearly impossible to find cannabis seeds at the time. Things have changed for the better!

As a buyer of cannabis seeds online, you may wonder what payment options are available to you. Consumers find it very inconvenient to use credit cards for a secure transaction since they are commonly used and one of the simplest ways. Particularly for citizens of the US, Canada, and Australia and people from various other countries.

In this guide, you will find a list of the best seed banks that accept Credit Cards, so your seeds will arrive at your home!

Seed Banks That Accept Credit Cards

ILGM – I Love Growing Marijuana

Robert Bergman’s I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a prominent online source of marijuana seeds that sells 120 feminized seeds and auto seed packets found throughout their online store. They offer free shipping with superior customer service.

Crop King Seeds

For over 15 years, Crop King Seeds has been in the marijuana seed bank industry, selling marijuana seeds to consumers worldwide. There are 500 new strains offered by Crop King Seeds, including feminized,regular, and auto-flowering strains, all sold under their brand.


For consumers seeking seed banks that accept credit cards, the Seedsman website is safe and well-organized to assist you with selecting the best marijuana seeds for your growth. There are 129 top breeders offering discounted feminized seeds, ordinary seeds, and auto-flowering seeds.

MSNL Cannabis Seeds

Since 1999, MSNL has been named the top marijuana seed bank, selling their own versions of more than 200 famous cannabis strains. They sell feminized, regular, and autoflower seeds at reasonable prices and regularly offer discounts.

The Benefits of Using a Credit Card for Cannabis Seeds

It may surprise you to learn that credit cards have been around since 1970, but they’re still a popular gift. In addition, they can be used almost anywhere that accepts a standard Visa or Mastercard once they’ve been registered. The cards are prepaid, so you won’t have to link your bank account to fund them.

Due to their level of protection and anonymity, they are one of the best options to buy cannabis seeds online. As a result, you won’t need to worry about your banking information being hacked. It also adds a layer of privacy protection by hiding your name and other personal information. With regards to anonymity and privacy protection, this is the same as Bitcoin.

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Cons of Using Credit Cards

There aren’t many disadvantages to employing these cards. They are accepted almost everywhere credit cards are accepted, but occasionally things go wrong, and they don’t work. The only other disadvantage is that they are not as rapid as utilizing Paypal or Cash App.

Furthermore, stealing information from a credit card is not that difficult. Hackers can gain access to someone’s private information on the internet. Immediately, the victims will understand that they have lost a lot in an instant.

In this case, you must take adequate precautions when you use your credit card. If possible, you should also find a marijuana dispensary or seed bank in your area that offers simple transactional procedures. It’s crucial to review consumer reviews, recommendations, and experiences to make sure you’re not being duped.


How to Purchase Weed Seeds Using A Credit Card?

Purchasing cannabis seeds with a credit card is straightforward. The initial step is to go to one of the seed banks listed above, which accepts credit cards. Because many seed banks do not accept credit cards, it is critical to follow those instructions. You can browse their cannabis seeds once you’ve arrived at their websites. When you’ve found the ideal solution for your needs, simply add it to your basket and proceed to checkout. When you get to the payment method section of the checkout process, you’ll be able to enter your credit card information after filling out your mailing address.

What To Look For When Buying Cannabis Seeds Online?

Picking the best cannabis seeds doesn’t have to be difficult when you’re looking for them. You need to keep a few things in mind when buying cannabis seeds online. Here is a list of a few considerations you should keep in mind initially:

  • First and foremost, you should be aware of the laws governing marijuana seeds in your locality. Don’t even try to buy seeds if it is prohibited.
  • You must go for an established and reliable online seed bank supplier. Do your own research, and you will find the perfect one.
  • You should check the shipping process and payment method of your seed bank. Additionally, finding seed banks that accept credit cards would be a great option to make your purchase hassle-free.
  • Be sure to check the customer service of the seed bank prior to purchasing cannabis seeds online. This is because it is something that proves the reliability of a seed bank.
  • Apart from that, there is the possibility of stealth shipping. It’s always best if the seed bank can deliver your goods safely.

Final Thought

In general, purchasing cannabis seeds online can be challenging due to the difficulty in determining who is credible and who is not. Fortunately, all of the seed banks listed above are pretty reliable and have been around for a long time!

If you want seed banks that accept credit cards, any of the mentioned seed banks listed above is a great place to start! Just go for any one of them and make your purchase.

The Best Marijuana Seed Banks That Accept Credit Cards

Offering a variety of safe and secure payment methods is one of the most important services a cannabis seed bank can offer. Unfortunately, many seed banks don’t accept payment credit card payments and, in turn, lose potential customers even though they have high-quality products.

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Luckily, several seed suppliers do consider their customers’ convenience and have included the credit card option in their payment methods. However, finding the best seed bank for your needs may be tricky. This article will make your seed buying journey easier by listing the best marijuana seed banks that accept credit cards.

Here’s the list of seed banks:

1. Greenpoint Seeds
2. Neptune Seed Bank
3. D.C. Seed Exchange
4. Herbie’s Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds is one of America’s most trusted cannabis seed banks, with a great selection of top-shelf seeds. We offer the best prices on some of the most potent and flavorful cannabis strains around.

We accept payments from most major credit cards to make shopping easier for marijuana enthusiasts. Once you have picked your seeds from our wide selection of regular and feminized strains, you can pay for your order safely and quickly by checking out with MESH.

In addition to credit and debit cards, we also accept Cash App, cryptocurrency, check, money order, and cash. If you’d like to know more about our payment options, please contact us.

Neptune Seed Bank

Neptune is one of the biggest seed banks in the U.S., with a large number of experienced breeders that produce an assortment of top-quality marijuana strains. They also make buying seeds easy by offering a variety of payment methods, including credit cards.

Once you make a payment with your credit card, Neptune’s payment processor sends the I.P. address to the credit card company. This makes the payment secure as they provide proof that you have placed your order.

D.C. Seed Exchange

D.C. Seed Exchange is known for selling high-quality seeds and is considered one of the best independent seed banks in North America. They accept payment through cryptocurrencies, cash, and most major credit cards.

As with Greenpoint Seeds, D.C. Seed Exchange uses MESH for credit card payments. This means you can rest assured that your payment will be safe, secure, and easy to complete.

Herbie’s Seeds

Herbie’s Seeds is known for selling a broad range of potent marijuana strains. They have an impressive catalog of marijuana seeds in their seed bank. Best of all, they accept worldwide credit card payments. However, the only downside is that they accept euros. But remember that they have an exchange rate available on their website, which may differ from that of your local bank.

Final Thoughts on the Best Marijuana Seed Banks That Accept Credit Cards

Though there are so many payment options, such as money order, cash, and check, paying with a credit card is still one of the most popular methods. If you’d like to purchase high-quality seeds with a credit card, any of the seed banks mentioned in this article will serve you well.

You can always contact us to find out more about our payment options. While you’re here, check out our selection of regular and feminized seeds.

What are your picks for the best marijuana seed banks that accept credit cards? Let us know in the comment section below.

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