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TheHarle-Tsu Strain is a hybrid of the Harlequin strain and Sour Tsunami strain. It has a whopping CBD to THC ratio of 22:1. In other words, the strain has 22 times more CBD than THC. The Harle-Tsu Strain is rarer, so you can expect to pay a little more for its CBD products.

The Ringo’s Gift Strain has a 20:1 ratio of CBD vs. THC. That means there is 20 times more CBD in the strain than THC. Ringo’s Gift is actually a hybrid of the Harle-Tsu and ACDC strains.

1) Harlequin Strain

CBD hemp flower is not all the same. Certain cannabis strains have higher levels of CBD compounds than others. Not only that, but some CBD compounds offer different health benefits too. That is why it is important to understand which cannabis strain your CBD products come from.

If you purchase moon rocks or any other type of CBD product in the store, then it probably comes from a cannabis strain with a high level of CBD and a low level of THC. That is the only way such a product can be sold legally. If a cannabis strain were to have a high level of THC, then it could never be sold in stores. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid, and it is against the law to consume any product with more than 0.03% THC.

The ACDC strain is a phenotype of another cannabis strain called Cannatonic, which has an overwhelmingly high level of CBD. The people who consume CBD products from the ACDC strain have reportedly experienced relief of their anxiety, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy. It can even reduce the pain and sluggishness that you feel from chemotherapy too.

5) Charlotte’s Web Strain

The Harlequin strain will make you feel more alert and focused throughout the entire day. It can be consumed via smoking, brewing or vaping the CBD hemp flower of this strain. This Sativa dominant cannabis strain can give you the energy you need to get through the entire day. If you’re someone who does a lot of driving, reading or listening, then your new heightened level of alertness will come in handy. The Harlequin strain can also reportedly reduce symptoms of depression, chronic pain, PTSD, migraines, stress, and inflammation.

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Cannabis high cbd low thc

CBD is also the preferred cannabis option for people suffering from anxiety and stress, as high THC strains can cause feelings of paranoia. A 2015 study by Blessing et al. concluded that CBD was an effective option for people with certain anxiety disorders. CBD may help with various types of anxiety, including:

For some, CBD has become an important factor when choosing their medicine. Such individuals want to experience benefits without an intoxicating high. However, with so many strains to choose from, the choice is often overwhelming – and confusing.

This world-famous strain is indica dominant (60%) and was the focus of a bid to legalize high CBD strains. It has a CBD content as high as 20%. Oil made from Charlotte’s Web is extremely low in THC, which means it can be sold nationwide.

5 of the Most Popular High CBD / Low THC Strains List

Oddly enough, Harlequin is also useful for relaxing and staying calm. It has a soothing effect all over the body and in the head. The high CBD content somewhat negates the high THC content. Therefore, it should be okay to smoke it during the day, although dry eyes are a possible side effect.

CBD is also being looked at as a viable method for managing arthritic pain. A 2016 study by Hammell et al. involved applying CBD gel to rats over four days. The dosage was increased each day. Ultimately, the researchers discovered that the rats experienced reduced overall pain and inflammation in their affected joints with no side effects.

Defining CBD in Cannabis: An Overview

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THC results in a variety of short-term soothing effects. These effects vary from person to person but can include calmness, euphoria, and anxiety reduction. You may also experience ‘couch lock’ and an increase in appetite, otherwise known as ‘the munchies.’ A small number of individuals may also experience increased anxiety or paranoia, especially with high doses.