can you buy cbd oil on amazon

Can you buy cbd oil on amazon

Since CBD isn’t regulated, anyone can have some oil in a bottle, label it, and claim it is CBD. Some salesmen even bottle snake oil or subpar products claiming they are CBD. If you think about it: Who can tell? You will fall in their unethical tricks without even knowing

What Exactly is Hemp Extract? Does it Contain CBD?

When you search on Amazon for CBD oil , you’ll find products labeled as “extract of hemp”, “hemp oil”, or “hemp oil extract”. You will never find anything labeled CBD.

What About Amazon’s Policy Regarding CBD Oil?

In order to make sure that you are purchasing a product containing CBD oil, keep the following things in mind:

Can you buy cbd oil on amazon

We created Handpicked CBD so you don’t have to do a bucket-load of research and lab report reading before buying a product. (!)

So, what’s the bottom line?

We vet all the brands whose products we list on Handpicked, making sure they follow best practices from seed to shelf.

Those 10 brands only account for about 80 CBD oil products on Amazon UK. In fact, when you search for CBD Oil on Amazon in the UK, you get 750 results! So, what are all these other brands and CBD oils on there.

Where Should I Buy CBD Oil From?

Well, it turns out, officially Amazon doesn’t allow the sale of CBD oil. In fact, it doesn’t allow the sale of any CBD products at all. No CBD oils, capsules, gummies. Nada. Nothing. No CBD at all.

So what’s the deal?

So, our selections for the best CBD oil on Amazon UK are:

What is the best CBD Oil On Amazon UK?

So, Amazon have now dipped their toes into the CBD oil space in the UK.

Amazon still views all cannabis-derived products, including CBD, as prohibited drugs.

Can you buy cbd oil on amazon

Along with its retail arm which lists products on the site (so you can buy directly from Amazon themselves or a seller). As a result of the internal rules regarding cannabinoids, the retail division of Amazon will never trade in ingestible CBD themselves, as long as their policy forbids it.

When buying CBD from Amazon, you are probably not aware, but the substance is explicitly banned on the website in respect to ingestible hemp products. Note – this policy does not apply to non-ingestible hemp such as CBD topicals, which Amazon retail has started selling directly to consumers.

The CBD Oil Industry is emerging

Not that I hate Amazon or anything, far from it – I spend way too much on there even now I don’t work there.

Trading In CBD Oil On Amazon Isn’t Permitted

The CBD industry is snowballing, and in such a growing market, opportunities to short change people are everywhere.