burgers cbd

Hiding behind the seemingly innocuous-looking burger is some serious science and a LOT of creativity. Starting things off with frying the burger, the butter is infused with 300mg of peppermint CBD oil, which the patty is then cooked in.

ICON have recently moved into the city after making a massive splash over the Pennines in Huddersfield with their unique take on burgers and loaded fries – with a menu that includes some truly mental creations.

Let’s not forget their Krispy Kreme Burger, which comes stuffed between two waffle-grilled doughnuts and are limited to just 6 a day.

Krispy Kreme Burger (with Stuffed Doritos)

In addition, they also add CBD to the house sauce, plonk that on top of the burger, as well as serve it on the side for you to dip your fries in.

The last few years has seen an explosion in the use of CBD in foods and drinks – and it’s position as a ‘superfood’ is firmly unshakeable at the moment. Known for its unique nutritional properties, as well as medicinal, helping with relaxation and pain-relief, nausea- and anxiety-relief.

The standard dosage of CBD in each burger is 300mg, but if you like you can ‘SUPERCHARGE’ your 420 Burger – increasing that to over 3000mg of the stuff!

Did you know that when we choose our tomatoes for our burgers, we specifically seek out the ones big enough to match the size of our buns? It’s also why we bring in fresh, whole heads of lettuce, and why we select choice onions as well.

It’s one of those things that your average fast food outlet wouldn’t even think of, but it’s just another reason why Ribs & Burgers William Street is one of the best burger places in Perth. We consider every little detail, shipping in our pickles from a boutique pickler, whipping up batches of our secret family recipe basting for our ribs, and flame-grilling our patties to perfection every time.

Burgers cbd

• Pickled cucumber slices



• 150 g of lean beef per person

A method of preparing:

• Red onion slices

Grind meat for burgers, add few drops of CBD oil. The meat should be cold, place on a well-heated grill pan or on a hot grill.