best pizza in perth cbd

Best pizza in perth cbd

Today there are of course many incarnations of pizza across the world, Perth included. We are lucky to be able to get a taste of Italy or New York, and even have our very own modern Australian spin on pizza too. But out of all the pizza places in Perth, there are a few standouts that make for essential eating.


If you like your pizza with a side of rollicking good times, Rossonero is about to become your new favourite spot in town. Here, it’s out with the blistered wood-fired pizzas and in with lightly-baked, golden ones of equal deliciousness, topped with rich ingredient combos like brussel sprouts and pancetta.


We asked you what your favourite pizza places are, and boy did you deliver. We've combed through the hundreds of responses and compiled all the top suggestions to bring you the very best pizza places in Perth, handpicked by you.

Best pizza in perth cbd

Neapolitan-style pizza – woodfired, crisp at the edges, pliant in the middle – used to dominate Perth’s restaurants. Now though, a new generation has being doing some tinkering. The results are interesting – it’s now easy to find pizzas that go toe-to-toe with the best Neapolitan interpretations, despite being cooked in electric ovens or using something other than the revered San Marzano tomato.

King Somm

Whatever type of pizza you like, Perth has it. American? Yep. Classic Roman? Yep. Vegan? Of course. We like them all, so long as they’re well-made. Here’s where to find the city’s finest pizzaiolos doing their thing.

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Best pizza in perth cbd

Marco’s only uses the best quality ingredients to make our famous, fresh, tasty, crunchy crust pizzas. Our extensive menu will have something to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

“For a deliciously simple pizza that’s fresh and healthy, you can’t go past Perth pizza joint, Marco’s Organic Pizza in Joondanna – people have been returning time and time again since 1976. The focus on organic produce means these pizzas are healthier, more sustainable and a hell of a lot tastier than your average takeaway. The extensive menu has classic and gourmet pizzas, as well as a make your own option, all on a crunchy crust made from San Francisco sourdough.”

Pizza delivery:

Check out our pizza delivery menu now to view the large range of traditional and gourmet pizzas. Marco’s has been delivering to happy Perth customers since 1976.

Get your pizza delivered to your Perth home today.

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