best cbd cream for restless leg syndrome

Finally, CBD can help those struggling to get a peaceful night’s sleep. In fact, mild cases of RLS can be helped by adopting a healthy sleep cycle . Many of us create pre-bedtime rituals to help lull us to sleep, such as light stretching or even meditation. The alleviating effects of these rituals can be supported by CBD. For instance, many of our customers opt to take our CALM 500mg CBD Oil before bed, ending their day with a tranquil blend of CBD, Mint, Camomile and Ashwagandha.

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a common condition experienced by up to 5-10% of the British population . It is characterised mostly as an overwhelming urge to move the legs, often leaving people unable to rest or relax. People with RLS, as well as their friends and loved ones, may be seeking natural alternatives to help ease the body and mind. Due to its calming and uplifting properties, CBD could offer some relief to those experiencing RLS.

There are several ways to take CBD, with the most popular being orally or topically. In the case of RLS, topical may be the preferred option as you can apply directly to specific areas. For example, our EASE 300mg CBD Muscle Balm can be applied to help soothe and ease aching muscles and stiff joints. The combination of CBD, Evening Primrose, Rosemary and Basil works quickly to settle both the body and mind.

Does CBD work for people with restless leg syndrome?

When incorporated into daily rituals, CBD can help to soothe feelings of tension and discomfort. Therefore, it may be useful for people experiencing a range of conditions from arthritis to fibromyalgia . According to a study by the Clinical Neurosciences Centre in Bordeaux, 84% of participants found CBD helped to calm the more immediate symptoms of RLS. While more studies must be carried out before CBD can be officially confirmed as a medical treatment for RLS, this appears to be very promising.

RLS, also known as Willis-Ekbom Disease, is a neurological disorder that can be a source of great discomfort and irritation. It is not limited to a particular age group or gender and its cause remains mostly unknown. Along with the primary symptom, an unbearable urge to move the legs, people may experience other sensations such as itching, tingling or even burning.

The link between CBD and restless leg syndrome

While CBD does not constitute a cure for RLS, there are numerous ways in which it can help those living with the condition. For instance, RLS often leaves people feeling stiff and physically worn out. A CBD massage will help specific areas of the body to unwind, whilst also allowing the mind to enter a deep state of rest.

While RLS is defined mostly by its physical effects, we cannot discount how prolonged feelings of tension can take a toll on us mentally. CBD helps to ease not only the body but also the mind. Therefore, people with RLS may want to include CBD alongside a complete self-care ritual, be it a warm bath, yoga or light exercise. This could help to calm any feelings of anxiety whilst also creating a more positive relationship with the body.

It is recommended that people using CBD for the first time start low and go slow. This will help them gauge their body’s response and find a dosage that is right for them. It is also worth mentioning that the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) currently advises that adults do not exceed 70mg of CBD oil per day.

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CBD for anxious leg condition is an incredible elective that awards alleviation from the difficult side effects of RLS. Numerous CBD clients have placed their RLS indications going away. Not exclusively will you feel much improved, yet your personal satisfaction will improve!

CBD Dosage for RLS

Much the same as some other medication, there are various portions of CBD to take. You will see various groupings of CBD oil as you begin looking. Which one would it be advisable for you to take?

Ingesting CBD permits it to enter your circulatory system and cause a loosening up feeling all through your whole body.

RLS manifestations become progressively articulated during the night or later pieces of the day. Numerous individuals battling with RLS regularly make some hard memories nodding off or staying unconscious. This causes weakness and languor during the day.

Why Wait?

Anxious leg condition influences a wide scope of ages, sexual orientations, and ethnicities. Reasons for fretful leg conditions are obscure, however, it’s trusted RLS could be a symptom of specific meds or related with progressively genuine clinical issues.

Eager leg condition stays a riddle today. No fix has been found driving numerous individuals to need to live with RLS.

Anxious leg condition, which additionally passes by Willis-Ekbom Disease, is a non-perilous neurological issue. While it may not be dangerous, the side effects can be difficult and decline as you age.

Best cbd cream for restless leg syndrome

Short-term effects of these drugs may cause nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. However, prolonged use may also result in drug tolerance, in which case you’ll need a higher dose of the same medication or a different medication altogether. Long-term use may also cause worsening of your RLS symptoms.

What are the Effects of CBD for Restless Legs Syndrome?

Can CBD for restless legs syndrome help control symptoms?

Final Thoughts — Can CBD for Restless Legs Syndrome Help?

We lack specific studies that focus on CBD for RLS, but one notable study published in Sleep Medicine showed that smoking marijuana and sublingual CBD improved the sleep quality of six patients with RLS .