autoflower high cbd

Autoflower high cbd

Our Tsunami Auto-flower feminized hemp strain is a derivative of Harle-Tsu, which is the well known high CBD Harlequin crossed with Sour Tsunami . It produces thick dank buds in less than 3 months from planting.

Our Colorado Tsunami auto-flower strain has tested out as a 28:1 CBD:THC strain, producing +16% CBD under optimum growing conditions. Our pricing is based on the quantity purchased. Click here to read more about evaluating hemp strains for CBD/THC.

If you would like to make a bulk purchase, please contact us at (719) 217-0207 Call Now – Our sales staff is available 24/7 from March through June.

To purchase Tsunami auto-flower feminized hemp seed from our online store, select the Starter Pack or Farmer Pack size you want to buy and click the Add to cart button at the bottom of this page.

Free shipping – Priority Mail – 3 Day.

Autoflower high cbd

Each cannabis strain has its own distinctive features, the choice of which ultimately comes down to the user's personal taste. All the cannabis seeds with CBD that Dinafem Seeds has so far created have obtained great results as well as excellent reviews. All of them are part of a new cannabis generation that delivers up a range with really valuable therapeutic properties and a moderate effect. Read on to find out which CBD seed is best suited to each user type.

For Gourmets: OG Kush CBD

CBD or cannabidiol acts as an antagonist of THC, counteracting the psychoactive effect of the cannabinoid and minimizing its side-effects (tachycardia, altered perception, hunger, dry mouth). In addition, CBD has many therapeutic properties which can help to fight problems such as insomnia, stress, chronic pain and even more serious illnesses such as epilepsy. It can even help to alleviate the spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis.

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For the Highest CBD Content: Dinamed CBD Plus

Dinamed CBD Autoflowering is ideal for growers looking for crops packed with cannabidiol in record time.