animal cbd companies

Animal cbd companies

Before adding any supplement or remedy to a pet’s diet, every owner has the same question – is it safe?

Broad-spectrum CBD is a healthy middle ground between these two sides. Their taste is mild, but they still have enough natural CBD to create an entourage effect. It is the best of the three options for pets, especially dogs with a sensitive reaction to these formulas.

A: The CBD in products for humans and pets is the same. Artificial sweeteners, chocolate, and other ingredients in CBD products for humans are dangerous to pets. However, always speak with a veterinarian to ensure that the CBD and other components in these formulas won’t be harmful.

Q: Is CBD legal for pets?

A: At this point, the scientific community has not seen any evidence of overdoses in pets or humans.

These treats are like any other treat pet owners give to their furry friends. They include familiar flavors, but CBD is why they are so beneficial. The treat is consumed in the same way that others would be.

Q: What is CBD?

Even with a high amount of CBD, there’s no risk of an animal getting “high” because this effect comes specifically from THC. Some animals may have an allergic reaction, but cheap CBD products are likely to have the most severe side effects.

Read on below to learn about the four main types of products offered for animals nowadays.

Animal cbd companies

A hemp plant is the source of CBD extract being sold in the market and not the marijuana plant. We also refer to it as organic CBD. There are three major types of CBD hemp oil namely full-spectrum hemp oil, broad-spectrum hemp oil, and CBD isolate. Whichever you choose for your dog, they can still share some health benefits.

What Does CBD Oil for Dogs

Nevertheless, here is a tip for calculating the right dose of CBD for your dog based on their weight. Take note that this may not always be the case, as the condition you are treating may influence the right CBD dose.

The Best CBD for Dogs

Their most popular CBD product is their full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs. It is available in different levels of potency or strength. Rest assured that their CBD pet oils are derived from organic hemp, which ultimately delivers all the health benefits your dog can get from CBD oils.