900 mg cbd oil

900 mg cbd oil

Our oils contain no artificial flavors or added ingredients to ensure a pure and natural experience when using our oils.

30 ml tincture containing 900 milligrams of CBD

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CBD Hemp Oil – 900 mg

CBDynamics provides CBD oils that are sourced from hemp plants grown in the USA, are high-concentrate and broad spectrum, and have no added flavors. These oils have been lab tested for quality assurance, and have been double filtered to ensure they contain no detectable THC.


900 mg cbd oil

*Dosages are based solely on small, short-term clinical study results where CBD proved significantly successful over placebo. Much larger studies are needed to further strengthen the evidence.

Several countries, including Canada and those in the U.K., have approved the use of Sativex, an oral spray with equal amounts of CBD and THC, to treat pain stemming from multiple sclerosis. Canada has also approved it for treatment of cancer pain.

Expressed in milligrams (mg), CBD dosage largely depends on the conditions and symptoms you’re trying to treat and your unique endocannabinoid system, which is associated with motor control, behavior, emotions, the nervous system and homeostasis. CBD dosage remains an area of active research—more large, high-quality studies are needed in different populations to determine appropriate dosing, efficacy and safety guidelines.


With this CBD oil dosage calculator as your guide, you would find that you needed to consume 10 drops, or 0.5 milliliters, to reach 25 milligrams. And if you intend to consume 25 milligrams daily, you can expect this particular bottle to serve as a 60-day supply.

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By Leah Groth Contributor


This bottle contains 50 milligrams of CBD per milliliter. Let’s see how many milligrams are in a drop:

50mg/mL ×0.05mL/drop = 2.5mg/drop