The Big Surprise of Cannabis Legalization May be the Size of the ‘Low-Dose’ Market

A significant part of Canada’s legal cannabis market may turn out to be very light consumers, the U.S. experience in legal states implies.

And surprisingly, some consumers may not be looking for a psychoactive effect at all, but a low-dose way of blunting chronic pain or anxiety.

In legal U.S. markets, many women and new users often consume a little cannabis at a time, being careful with dosing, says Linda Gilbert of BDS Analytics, a cannabis industry market research company based in Boulder, Co.

“We do see that consumers are looking for a more portioned experience, particularly certain segments of consumers, for example, moms.”

“We see a surprising amount of cannabis use among moms with young children at home. They like the low dose — they’re not looking to get inebriated. They’re looking to take the edge off.”

For many years, plant breeders for illegal markets have produced cannabis products with steadily more and more THC, which has startled occasional users who only meant to dabble a toe in the shallow end, or remembered much less potent pot many years ago.

A fully developed legal market, on the other hand, is better at catering to people who want a mild, limited experience with control over doses.

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