Seattle Mayor Releases Regulations for Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Medical cannabis dispensaries in Seattle can breathe a sigh of relief.  Mayor Ed Murray’s office released the new regulatory plans for medical dispensaries.

The outline calls for similar regulations as those currently in place for recreational dispensaries, including testing standards, packaging, and advertising.  There is a new class system for cultivation gardens and dispensaries: class 1 collective gardens operate with dispensaries, and class 2 collective gardens do not and are not subjected to the more rigorous testing requirements.

Class 1 gardens are required to be at least 500 feet from childcare centers, schools, parks, libraries, transit centers, and recreation centers. Class 2 gardens have no location restrictions, but have a cap of 45 for the number of plants allowed.

The plan outlines testing procedures for potency, pesticides, molds, fungus, and heavy metals. It also outlines similar packaging requirements for edibles and adopts the current state Liquor Control Board rules for concentrates.

The Finance and Administration department will handle the licensing of all marijuana businesses and the fines will range from $500 – $2,000.  Licenses may be suspended for major rules violations.


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