Nevada Qualifies Recreational Cannabis for the 2016 Ballot

Nevada’s top election official has confirmed that an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana will be on the ballot for the 2016 election. The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol turned in more than 200,000 signatures in support of the initiative, which far exceeded the 102,000 signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.

Secretary of State Ross Miller certified that the coalition had indeed submitted more than enough signatures before the November 12th deadline, thus forcing Nevada’s 2015 legislature to consider the issue or automatically put it on the 2016 ballot for the general election.

This means that, best case scenario, Nevada state legislature may legalize recreational cannabis as early as end of session 2015. Worst case scenario, the initiative will be automatically placed on the 2016 ballot where, presumably, the hundreds of thousands of Nevadans who support recreational legalization (or just recognize its touristy benefits) can vote in support during the general election.

Sounds like it’s time to start planning a trip to Vegas!


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