Meet the Black Tuna: An Interview with Activist Robert Platshorn

Many modern activists tip their hats to the growers, dealers and smugglers who kept cannabis alive and the marijuana market thriving during decades of prohibition and eradication programs. Robert Platshorn a.k.a. Bobby Tuna and his boyhood friend Robert Meinster, dubbed by Uncle Sam The Black Tuna Gang, were responsible for bringing large quantities of the fabled Santa Marta Gold into South Florida using Yachts and WWII transport planes. out of Miami in the 1970s. The Black Tuna Gang was indicted after a little over a year of operation. After an eight month show trial, Mr. Platshorn was sentenced to sixty-four years. He served almost thirty years in eleven federal prisons followed by seven more years on parole that finally ended on August 21st, 2014.

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