Marijuana-Themed Float Set for Chicago Thanksgiving Parade

There are certain things that are part of every big-city Thanksgiving Day parade. There are usually thousands of families lining the streets to see marching marching bands, floats and oversized balloons of popular cartoon character.

Leave it to Chicago to introduce a new element, one which symbolizes the pro-marijuana movement’s growing political clout and social acceptance. One of the floats in Chicago’s 81-year-old Thanksgiving Parade (sponsored by McDonald’s) will have a marijuana theme.

Good Intentions, a medical marijuana dispensary, has a float, which they are calling “a garden of flowers.” It will feature a 12-foot banner proclaiming, “Growing With Illinois.” Of course, there won’t be any actual smokable or edible pot on the vehicle.

The plan calls for people riding on the float to toss goodies to parade watchers, but the company will not be slinging any herb to spectators. Instead of weed, passengers on the float will distribute candy coins and football, beads and toy turkeys.

Good Intentions was the city’s first medical marijuana dispensary. Illinois was the 20th state to approve medical pot in August, 2013. A total of 23 states have authorized medical marijuana.

Tammy Jacobi, the owner of Good Intentions, recognizes that marijuana is still a controversial topic, especially given the parade’s child-friendly setting. She is not expecting a negative reaction from parade watchers. She thinks it can be a teaching moment.

“We’re hoping that parents take the time to explain what medical marijuana is to their children and enlighten a younger generation of the benefits of emerging science and compassion,” Jacobi said in an DNAinfo Chicago article.

For a more detailed report on the parade and float, click HERE to read‘s parade preview.


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