Israel Green Leaf Party’s Campaign to Legalize Marijuana is Awesome

With over 10,000 medical marijuana patients, state of the art research facilities, and some of the world’s foremost experts on medical marijuana, Israel has long been a worldwide cannabis industry pioneer.

This progress has been in large part thanks to the aptly named Green Leaf Party’s efforts, which, as you may expect, promotes marijuana and has helped Israel reach its current, elevated status. Now, the Green Leaf Party has bigger plans for Israel’s future with marijuana: all-out legalization.

Thus, the activist and political party started a Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness and funds for the group’s effort as the Green Leaf Party attempts to gain entrance into Israel’s Knesset (legislative branch) so the group can then introduce legalization legislation.

Then, yesterday, the campaign went totally viral on Reddit. By introducing bills in an “IOU” form (pictured above) that would then be traded in for marijuana should the group’s efforts succeed, people responded in droves.

To the minute, the Green leaf Party has raised over $115,570, easily surpassing its goal of $100,000 with 35 days left. That substantial amount of financing and clearcut support should allow the Green Leaf Party to put forth its best efforts to gain entry into parliament–where the party can then have a say in legalization.

Currently, the Green Leaf Party does not have representation in Parliament, but given the funds raised and early success of this campaign, hopefully the group gains the power and support needed to enter Israel’s legislative fray.

Should that occur, the following “marijuana shekels”, pictured below and sold on the Kickstarter page, will become tradable currency for legal marijuana. These are some dank looking shekels:

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