Covert And Crafty: Top Tips For Guerrilla Growers

In some circles, there has been more excitement about automatic cannabis plants than about the Mars Rover. Yes, a robot on Mars is very cool, but weed that will grow from seed to bud without a lot of fuss, removing males, or changing light cycles is a revolution. If you’ve always thought guerrilla growing was too much risk for too little reward, think again – automatic ganja is ideal for covert grow ops.

Tip 1: Start with the right seeds.

Weed Seed Shop has a fine selection of four automatic strains: heavyweight Big Bud, eternal favorite Skunk, classic sativa Haze and powerful hybrid AK-48. All are reasonably priced – Weed Seed Shop describes themselves as “amazingly affordable” and are a good quality, no-frills outfit, a bit like the IKEA of cannabis seeds – but the AK-48 Automatic at €17.50 for five seeds is a real bargain.

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