Colorado’s Real Estate Prices are Soaring Post-Legalization, So Maybe You Should Stay at a Cannabis Hotel Instead

With Colorado’s cannabis industry booming, other ventures are starting to see a major effect, too, particularly the housing and lodging market. Here’s a rundown of the state’s growth in both home prices and rental accommodations:

Rocky Mountain Real Estate is Gaining Elevation

Home prices have shot up since the state legalized retail cannabis in 2012. In March alone, Denver housing prices increased by 10%, an increase that puts the city second in line behind the San Francisco housing market (which has been seeing such a rapid progression, it’s actually created a bit of housing crisis).

Since legalization, tourists, visitors, and cannabis refugees alike have been flocking to the scenic state, causing home prices to skyrocket as the available inventory dramatically dropped due to the high demand. On the other hand, the influx has also boosted the economy and created thousands of jobs in the cannabis space.

Colorado’s Booming Canna-Friendly Vacation Rentals

Alright, so maybe moving to Colorado is a little more expensive than it used to be. However, if you’re looking just to visit Colorado, they’ve more than got you covered. Denver just opened its first ever cannabis-friendly hotel, Nativ, located in the Lodo District. The hotel offers designated areas for consumption, as well as cannabidiol-infused cocktails and a selection of 20 craft beers available on tap.

Nativ has a variety of suites and room packages with their own distinct styles and themes that range in amenities and price, from a nicely affordable $175 a night up to $450 for a romantic suite if you’re feeling fancy. The hotel even has a private rooftop lounge to enjoy you cannabis with a view. This isn’t just crashing on the couch in your cousin’s basement; the Nativ hotel will put you up in style and luxury.

An additional alternative also just popped up on Colorado’s cannabis lodging scene.CannaCamp is another first of its kind – a marijuana-friendly resort camp from the people who brought you Bud+Breakfast, which offers listings of cannabis-friendly lodging for your next canna-centric vacation.

CannaCamp’s idyllic location is less about luxury and more about appreciating nature. While you can’t consume inside the cabins, guests can smoke just about anywhere else on the premises of the 170-acre ranch. The resort also offers many relaxing activities such as yoga, cooking, massage therapy, and painting. Additionally, CannaCamp also offers fun outdoor activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, and even zip-lining, all to make sure you can take full advantage of the breathtaking beauty of Colorado’s wilderness. The only downside to CannaCamp is the higher price point — cabins come with a three-night minimum stay at a rate of $395 a night.

With more cannabis-friendly vacation rental options becoming available in this beautiful state, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Time for a road trip!


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