California Native American Tribe Plans $10 Million Marijuana Grow Facility

The first Native American tribe to cash in on the Green Rush will be the Pineoliveill Pomo Nation tribe in none other than Mendocino County.

The always flush Emerald Triangle, America’s outdoor growing capital, will get a whole lot greener as the tribe has teamed up with Colorado-based United Cannabis and Kansas-based FoxBarry Farms to become the first and largest grow on a Native American reservation.

The grow will cost a cool $10 million to build out.

But this facility will be indoors, as the groups plan to open up the 110,000 square foot, 2.5 acre operation on tribal ranch land north of Ukiah featuring greenhouses. On the heels of the federal government’s announcement that tribes can legally grow cannabis, the Pomo tribe appears to be the first, bold winner.

The project will be completely financed by FoxBarry Farms, as it sounds like United Cannabis’ expertise will provide the genetics and grow philosophy to the operation.

Moreover, this operation will soon extend beyond just the Pomo tribe. According to the Press Democrat, United Cannabis and FoxBarry already have two other grow-sites planned to open on Native American grounds in Central and Southern California.

Given the federal government’s green light to tribes to start growing weed, it would appear that all parties remain safe. Although an operation this large and modern may not have been what the feds expected, it’s the wave of the future.

As more tribes in California and beyond begin to outsource their land as marijuana grow facilities, cannabis could become a much-needed cash crop for Native Americans before corporate America even has a chance to enter the fray.


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