Barbara Boxer Joins Senate Marijuana Legalization Bill; Feinstein Still Holding Out

A California lawmaker is finally on board with a Tea Party favorite in legalizing medical marijuana nationwide.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, California’s junior representative in the country’s upper lawmaking house, has added her name as a co-sponsor to the CARERS Act. Introduced earlier this month by Sens. Rand Paul, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand, the CARERS Act is the first effort in the Senate to reform the federal government’s out-and-out total war on weed.

Having a representative of the country’s most populous state — and the state of origin of much of the country’s cannabis, legal and illicit — is significant. Of course, there’s still a holdout: Dianne Feinstein. But even Feinstein, who has long opposed marijuana reform, is supposedly giving the bill a chance.

As the country continues its rapid change on marijuana, top civic leaders are giving the issue serious attention like never before. President Barack Obama sat down for an interview with VICE (!?) this week, in which he said legalization would be “progress” (!!??). And while Congress has repeatedly seen marijuana legalization bills die in committee, the senators — one of who is a Republican with some shot at the GOP nomination for president next year (Paul) — go further than ever before.

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