America’s Healthiest Cities All Have Legal or Medical Marijuana

Research continues to prove the myriad of ways that marijuana benefits society: by reducing crime, creating tax revenue, and by simply chilling everyone out.

The latest facts compiled by Nerdwallet, show that cities with marijuana have increased levels of happiness.

In fact, America’s top five “healthiest cities”, as Smell the Truth points out, all happen to be located in legal or medical marijuana states. Check them out:

5. Denver-Aurora-Bloomfield, Colorado: The capital of legal weed in America needs no introduction at this point.

4. Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, Washington: When it rains legal weed, the streets cry with joy

3. Portland-Vancouver-Hilllsboro, Oregon and Washington: Fittingly, America’s next rising legal city, Portland, makes the list

2. San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, California: Cali may only be medical, but no state has near the amount of patients or dispensaries

1. Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, Massachusetts and New Hampshire: Massachusetts appears poised to open numerous dispensaries this year and become a force on the East Coast

Typically, it’s easy to ignore declarations of health like this one. But, the folks at Nerdwallet did a serious deep dive , judging cities based on fitness levels and health care accessibility.

The unintended but awesome conclusion: city’s with marijuana rule the roast.


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