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Yes, you’ll be able to smoke weed legally in three weeks. But here are hard realities

California’s transition to legal cannabis contains a mind-bending paradox: Ending prohibitions on marijuana will require newly aggressive law enforcement. When Jan. 1 rolls around, California will not merely be permitting adults 21 and older to use marijuana for recreational purposes. The state and its cities will be creating a new regime to regulate and tax cannabis. The stakes are high: Successful cannabis legalization in America’s largest state could help end the devastating drug war in the United States. But if this transition turns messy, the Trump administration, which is devoted to debasing California and promoting thoughtless “law-and-order” policies, could bogart…

Gavin Newsom Releases Recreational Cannabis Recommendations Report for California

Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Newsom is not taking any chances — if recreational cannabis comes to California, as many advocates are hoping it will in 2016, he’s pulling out all the stops to ensure the state is poised and ready to hit the ground running. Newsom formed the Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy, a panel of 24 advisors comprised of public health experts and policymakers, including former Senior Policy Advisor to the White House Keith Humphreys and the Executive Director of the ACLU, Abdi Soltani. The commission was formed with the goal of executing the best possible approach for…

Pro-Pot Officials in California Voice Concerns over Marijuana Legalization

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Legalizing marijuana for recreational use in California would raise an array of unknowns, from how it would be taxed to the threat of environmental damage from thirsty pot plants in a state gripped by drought, a commission was told Tuesday. As activists move to bring a proposal legalizing pot use to voters in 2016, the panel headed by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom began considering how a state of 39 million people would change with once-outlawed pot consumption becoming a legal, and potentially widespread, practice. What was clear is no one knows. Even Newsom, a Democratic candidate…

California Congressmen to Feds: Stop Prosecuting MMJ Businesses

Two California congressmen said U.S. attorneys seeking to seize two dispensaries in the state have gone rogue and are breaking federal guidelines. Reps. Sam Farr and Dana Rohrabacher sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking that the Department of Justice stop prosecutions and forfeiture actions against those following state laws. A federal spending bill passed in December includes a provision telling the DOJ that it shouldn’t interfere with state laws concerning marijuana. A DOJ spokesman last week said dispensaries and their owners remain targets for federal raids because the rule doesn’t apply to businesses or people. Rather, the…

California Lawmakers Give Up On Marijuana DUIs — For Now

Legalization is still in California’s future, but marijuana is occupying state lawmakers’ minds in the present. About 20 bills that deal with cannabis in some regard were introduced in the Legislature before the deadline for new laws last month. These include the latest attempt at regulating the state’s billion-dollar marijuana industry, regulations of synthetic marijuana packaging and how much seized weed police can destroy. But what’s not included, for the first time in three sessions, is a bill imposing criminal penalties for drivers with cannabinoids in their systems. After two straight losses, lawmakers have decided against crafting laws cracking down…

California State Appellate Court Rules That Concentrates Count as Medical Marijuana

An important state appellate court decision was just announced that may have just set a major precedent in how California cannabis law will view concentrated forms of THC. Until now, hash makers and lovers alike felt as though they were operating in a very, very grey area of California’s 18-year old medical marijuana laws. But on Wednesday of last week, one man’s day in court gave Cali’s cannabis enthusiasts a rare occasion to cheer. Back in 2013, a 22-year old named Sean Mulcrevy was serving probation and was subsequently searched by a Cameron Park sheriff’s deputy. Even though he presented…

California Native American Tribe Plans $10 Million Marijuana Grow Facility

The first Native American tribe to cash in on the Green Rush will be the Pineoliveill Pomo Nation tribe in none other than Mendocino County. The always flush Emerald Triangle, America’s outdoor growing capital, will get a whole lot greener as the tribe has teamed up with Colorado-based United Cannabis and Kansas-based FoxBarry Farms to become the first and largest grow on a Native American reservation. The grow will cost a cool $10 million to build out. But this facility will be indoors, as the groups plan to open up the 110,000 square foot, 2.5 acre operation on tribal ranch land…

California Court Rules That Cannabis Concentrates Qualify as Medical Marijuana

Good news for medical marijuana patients in California: cannabis concentrates qualify as medical marijuana thanks to a a unanimous state appellate court ruling in Sacramento. The ruling came about after a medical marijuana patient was charged with violating probation for possession of cannabis concentrates. However, because concentrated cannabis is covered under California’s Compassionate Use Act (or CUA), the probation violation was overturned. Although the CUA doesn’t technically define cannabis or concentrates in its wording, according to The Sacramento Bee, “the terms had already been defined in other sections of the law when the CUA was approved by voters 18 years ago.” In those instances, cannabis…

92% of California Medical Marijuana Patients Said Cannabis Has Helped Them

Florida may not have voted to legalize medical marijuana, but at least one legal state has noticed the benefits medical cannabis can bring to patients. Recently, public health data gatherers in Sacramento released a study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review (2014) reporting that of a representative health survey of 7,525 California adults, one in 20 (or about 1.4 million people) have used medical cannabis to help treat an illness or condition. Of those Californians, a whopping 92% felt medical cannabis was helpful in treating their disease or illness. The authors of the study also noted that the…