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Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekend Weirdness: Cannabis Dries Out Your What Now?

We all know that some cannabis strains can cause cottonmouth or suck the moisture out of your eyeballs, but one author is adamant that it dries out a more, well, intimate area of the body. According to Dr. Julie Holland, who wrote the epically long-titled book Moody Bitches: The Truth About the Drugs You’re Taking, The Sleep You’re Missing, The Sex You’re Not Having, and What’s Really Making You Crazy, if you’re a female cannabis consumer, the beloved plant can dry out your ladybits.  During an interview with VICE, Dr. Holland said: “Each person responds differently to pot and each strain acts differently. You’re…

New DEA Chief Vows to Focus Less on Cannabis

Changes are coming to the Drug Enforcement Administration, and they could prove to be a positive step forward for the cannabis movement. Embattled DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart was asked to resign from her position last month after a widely publicized scandal involving DEA agents partying with prostitutes at a Colombian party funded by drug cartels. Since then, we’ve been left to speculate about the future of the DEA and what it will mean for cannabis in the United States. One of the first tasks for Loretta Lynch, who recently replaced Eric Holder as the U.S.’s new Attorney General, involved mining the leading…

Washington’s Retail Marijuana Compliance Checks Didn’t Go as Well as Colorado’s

Last June, after Colorado’s retail cannabis program had been operating for six months, the state’s marijuana enforcement division ran a series of underage compliance checks to make sure businesses were conducting proper ID checks and refusing to sell to customers under the age of 21. Of the 16 underage operations that were conducted, all of the businesses that were tested passed. Unfortunately, when it came time for Washington to undergo the same compliance check, the Evergreen State wasn’t as fortunate as its rocky mountain sibling.  Despite the fact that various retail cannabis businesses were warned ahead of time by the liquor control…

The Medical Minute: Women Are Using Cannabis a Little More, but Drinking a Lot More

Want to hear an alarming statistic? Between 2005 and 2012, binge drinking rates among women climbed 17.5%. That’s the estimate University of Washington researchers arrived at after reviewing a decade’s worth of data. Compare that to the 4.9% growth in men’s binge drinking and you can see that we have a problem here, ladies. As you might imagine, the number of women who binge on cannabis instead is much less staggering. Daily marijuana use among both sexes increased just 2% in that same 2005-2012 timeframe, and considering women are about 50% less likely to consume cannabis than men, we can assume that females make…

Maine Could Legalize Children’s Use of Medical Marijuana in Schools

A remarkable breakthrough for medical marijuana patient rights just passed a hurdle in Maine, a state with one of the most progressive medical marijuana programs in the country. Their latest move comes in the form of an unprecedented bill that has not been introduced in any other state yet. Legislative Document 557 is a bill to allow children to take prescribed medical marijuana on school grounds if a parent or guardian comes to the school to administer the medication. This approach will allow children to attend school who otherwise might be too ill. It also removes liability from school nurses and…

Brazil to Allow the Import of CBD Hemp Oil Products from the U.S.

The Brazilian governmental health surveillance agency, ANVISA, is now allowing CBD hemp oil products to be imported into the country. Although any cannabis-derived products are illegal in the country, there’s been a recent shift in attitudes towards CBD hemp oil thanks to two brave little girls, 5 year-old Harper Howard from Texas and 6 year-old Anny Fischer from Brazil. Both young ladies suffer from CDKL5, a rare genetic disorder that causes frequent debilitating seizures. They’ve found considerable relief from using CBD oilto help mitigate the frequency of their seizures, sparking a discussion in Brazil as to whether the same medication should be allowed for…

Lawmakers in Maine See Marijuana Legalization as Inevitable

In 1999, the voters in Maine approved the state’s first medical marijuana bill with a lopsided 61% approval. A decade later, the law was improved upon to allow for storefront dispensaries and to broaden the list of acceptable medical conditions that marijuana could be recommended for. In 2011, the law was built upon once again, protecting patients’ rights by making many registration processes optional. In November of 2013 Portland, Oregon became the first city on the east coast to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults over the age of 21. In November of this year, the city of South Portland became…

Two Examples of How Not to Talk to Police About Weed

With cannabis laws in flux not only from state to state these days, but even from city to city and county to county, it is more important than ever to know your rights should you ever get pulled over by the police. More often than not, the best advice is to keep your record – and your car – clean as can be, and if you do get rolled, shut the hell up and give as little information as possible. Here we present two recent examples of exactly how not to deal with the cops when it comes to cars…

AAA Releases Another Flawed Study About Cannabis Use and Driving

A new study just put out by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has once again proven that Americans are misinformed, and therefore easily confused, when it comes to cannabis use and driving a car. As cannabis reform sweeps the nation, so too does a new round of the same stale talking points about the supposed dangers of marijuana use that have been regurgitated for decades, always muddying the waters of the debate. If the numbers revealed in the AAA study are anywhere near accurate, all it would prove is that you can probably train a monkey to hate bananas…

Connecticut Officials Close to Decision on State-Sponsored Hemp Production

For over two hundred years, farmers in the state of Connecticut legally grew and harvested hemp for use in sails, ropes, and clothing. In fact, the value of hemp in colonial-era Connecticut was so high that it was actually illegal for farmers to not grow hemp. That sentiment continued all the way through World War II, when the U.S. government was distributing propaganda films urging farmers to plant hemp crops for the good of the nation. In the 1950’s however, the hemp plant got caught up in the misguided reefer madness over marijuana, and has not been grown in Connecticut ever since….