December 17, 2017


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Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Afroman’s Because I Got High gets pro-marijuana remake

Afroman’s novelty song which once sluggishly lamented the lethargy and uselessness of weed consumption, has been given a rework to promote the legalisation of marijuana. Because I Got High (Positive Remix) lists the healing qualities of weed – ranging from the treatment of glaucoma to staving urges to consume booze, cigarettes and Xanax – while also pointing out legalisation’s benefits to society such as eradicating the likelihood of criminal activity. The remix of the 2001 track is a collaboration with online communityWeedmaps and marijuana reform campaign NORML in the runup to votes which take place on 4 November in Alaska, Oregon and the…

Recipe: How to Make a Raw Cannabis, Sweet Potato, and Pear Smoothie

The physical and mental health benefits of combusted cannabis are no mystery to most these days, particularly in legal states and within the medical community. However, less commonly known are the benefits of raw cannabis, which offer a completely different set of cannabinoids.Steep Hill Labs outlines this succinctly below, delineating the three forms of cannabis (raw, heated, and cured), and their respective cannabinoid bioavailability. (Click on the image to view an enlarged version.) Read More:

Why Washington D.C. is the Most Progressive Spot in the U.S. Right Now for Cannabis Reform

The nation’s capital, the District of Columbia, has been striding forward with drug (specifically cannabis) policy reform in leaps and bounds. In the past six months, we’ve seen the decriminalization of cannabis, reducing penalties down to a civil fine of just $25 from what was previously a criminal charge. We’ve watched as they expanded the city’s medical marijuana law from a narrow list of four qualifying conditions to include significantly more qualifying conditions. We’ve all been watching with bated breath to see if Washington, D.C. has a chance to pass their proposed recreational marijuana bill (and the latest polls say that voter support is…

Michigan: Medical Marijuana Patients Can Collect Unemployment

Michigan workers who use medical marijuana are eligible for unemployment benefits in the event they are fired for failing a drug test, according to a recent verdict by a state court of appeals. Last Friday, a panel of judges upheld the decisions of three separate cases in which workers were terminated from their positions solely because they violated workplace drug polices with the use of medical marijuana. The court found that the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act superseded the Michigan Employment Security Act, and therefore protects working medical marijuana patients from being withheld unemployment benefits. “The plain language of the MMMA’s immunity clause states that…

Waka Flocka Flame’s ‘I Can Roll’ Challenge

Waka Flocka Flame, in viral shenanigans, hired Seth Rogen to be his personal blunt roller for a $50,000 salary. Despite the hotly anticipated (and possibly hilarious) union, they have not actually met up yet to test out Seth’s duties, as Rogen has been filming The Interview, and Waka has had legal issues of his own. If Rogen is a no-show, Waka will begin considering other options. In the meantime, Waka’s been busy with his own shit. He recently collaborated with Diplo for the first time on a track track simply named, “Techno.” He’s also signed a new artist, Chaz Gotti, to his own 36 Brickhouse management that he wants you to all know about. The dude was facing 120 years in prison,…

HIGH TIMES Interview: Charlo Greene

Charlo Greene grabbed international headlines last month when she left her job as a reporter for Anchorage’s KTVA with the now famous phrase, “Fuck it – I quit.” Greene decided it was time for her role as a journalist to take a backseat to her role as an advocate for marijuana legalization as the head of the Alaska Cannabis Club. And she made the most of her resignation. The inherent frustration and defiance in Greene’s epic, live on-air F-bomb resonated with smokers around the world and brought much needed attention to Alaska’s marijuana legalization movement. HIGH TIMES sat down with Greene to…

Can Hemp Save Us From Global Warming?

Conceptually, cannabis and global warming share a few things in common. Both have been the subject of controversy for decades, polarizing everyone from politicians of the same party to members of the same family. Also, both have been distorted by those with a political agenda, whether it’s the supposed dangers of pot or the scientific consensus surrounding climate change. And that’s where another interesting commonality emerges, because the cannabis plant — specifically, the durable fiber called hemp that it produces — may well prove to be an essential resource for combating global warming. Climate Change 101 To buy into the…

Marijuana and Ebola

We know marijuana is an effective treatment for a number of serious conditions, including cancer and epilepsy, but does the medicinal herb have the power to cure the latest threat to the America population: the Ebola virus? A number of news stories went viral last week persuading the average citizen into believing thatsmoking weed has the capacity to snuff out the nasty little bug that some US health officials believe could cause a full-blown pandemic. Unfortunately, despite optimistic suggestions by former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who recently told Fox News that his company, Cannabis Sativa Inc., believes that marijuana could be effective in treating…

Pot Activist Plans First Public Pot Citation With Philly Police

Philadelphia recently signed through a major decriminalization bill, reducing the charge for possession of up to 30 grams to a $25 ticket. Before Mayor Michael Nutter signed the bill, it was amended to include a $100 fine for smoking in public. At the bill’s signing on October 1 at City Hall, local cannabis activist Mike Whiter was already plotting to be the first person to get that $100 fine. On Monday, he met with Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan to discuss the terms of this ceremonial micro-bust. The deal was reported in today’s Philly Metro print edition. “It was peaceful. It was a really good discussion,” Whiter told me…

Beginner Grow Basics

Today, there are many states with medical marijuana laws, and in more than half of those states patients and caregivers can now grow their own cannabis. In 2012, the US welcomed the advent of marijuana legalization for the recreational use in two states, and with it comes the real possibility for any adult to grow marijuana legally — as well as the happy prospect that one day on the not so near future there will be many more states following in Colorado’s and Washington’s brave footsteps, leading to legal avenues for the masses to cultivate marijuana in their very own homes as readily as their would…