December 17, 2017


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Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weed Could Block H.I.V.’s Spread. No, Seriously.

But the U.S. government won’t let scientists try out this promising treatment on humans. On a warm summer day in Chicago at the International Cannabinoid Research Conference, hundreds of marijuana researchers were giggling. It wasn’t the groundbreaking research they’d just heard—proving the ability of THC, one of the active ingredients in marijuana, to stave off HIV (or SIV in monkeys)—that did it. Nor was it the author of the study, Dr. Patricia E. Molina, who had them laughing. It was the rogue researcher daring enough to taint the victory with a harsh dose of reality: “What’s next, testing this on…

The Man Who Almost Made Weed Legal in Canada is Running For Mayor of Toronto

Last week, I reported that a man named Al Gore had entered the running to become the Mayor of Toronto. Unfortunately, over the past few days it has been made clear that the Al Gore who used to ghostride the whip with Bill Clinton in the White House is not the same Al Gore who will be trying to clothesline dear ol’ Robbie Ford off of his cracked out pedestal. Inconvenient truther or not, as of today there are at least 21 people running for the mayor of Toronto and it’s only January 10th. One of those candidates is Matt…

Cannabis Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

For a mix of something that will medicate you and at the same time, be healthy, this recipe is for you! Butternut squash has awesome health benefits and especially with this cold weather, you can definitely enjoy a bowl of this on a cold night. Although the squash is definitely the best when bought from the local farmers market, you can find it during all seasons at the grocery store. The soup is very simple and doesn’t take that long to make, plus you can freeze anything you don’t eat for a easy snack later on! Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of…

Kentucky Tells Feds: Hands Off Our Hemp!

The Bluegrass State is eager to grow hemp for the purposes of research and commerce. Instead, its hemp seeds just became the latest casualty in the DOJ’s war on drugs. Not long ago in America’s history, hemp was king. “Make the most of the hemp seed and grow it everywhere,” George Washington instructed his new America. So vital to our young nation’s success was hemp, that the 1619 Virginia Assembly actually deemed it illegal for farmers not to grow the plant. It’s strange then, given how deeply entrenched hemp once was in the American landscape, to watch Kentucky fight the Department of Justice—not only for…

Maryland Senate approves bill easing access to medical cannabis

Would-be medical marijuana patients in Maryland are a step closer to (finally) being able to access the herb after the state Senate gave their stamp of approval to a bill revamping the stalled state program 45 to 1.  As we’ve reported earlier this week, the Senate did make some major changes to the House-approved bill. Among those was removing a limit of ten growers and allowing for as many as 94 state-approved distributors. The state Senate also would require distributors and producers be separate entities. The Maryland House and Senate will now meet in a conference committee and iron out some of…

Minnesota gov says medical pot bill is dead, activists say he’s wrong

Gov. Mark Dayton took to the radio yesterday morning to say that his proposal to research medical marijuana hasn’t gotten any love from the advocates of broader legalization. He put the prospects of passing it between “slim and none.” However, those same advocates plan to add part of the Dayton proposal as an amendment and are open to compromising on some points. They contend that the governor’s version of a medical marijuana program — despite his assertions — would help no one in the immediate future. Rather than green-light a distribution system for a range of qualifying patients, Dayton is advocating…

Colorado Supreme Court says lawyers can legally advise cannabis businesses

The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that Colorado attorneys can advise medical and recreational marijuana shops to follow state laws, even though such laws are in complete contradiction to federal laws that Colorado attorneys all vow to uphold. Back in December, the Colorado Bar Association had released a formal opinion that attorneys were not allowed to counsel dispensary owners “in structuring or implementing transactions which by themselves violate federal law.” Basically, that meant attorneys couldn’t help draft contracts or advise their clients how to run a legal medical or recreational dispensary. All that changed Monday. According to the Supreme Court…

Missouri “medical marijuana refugee” opens up about moving to California

When Jacqueline Patterson took her first toke of marijuana at the age of fourteen, she experienced what it was like to be without pain for the first time in her life. It’s also why she eventually had to leave Missouri. Patterson was born with cerebral palsy. The muscles on the right side of her body are significantly weaker and less developed than her left, and she speaks with a severe stutter, or as she prefers to call it, a “speech spasm.” Medical marijuana, Patterson says, has helped her deal with the pain her medical condition causes every day of her…

New digital currency aimed at legal cannabis markets

Medical and recreational cannabis is big business in several states, but dispensaries and customers are increasingly only able to accept and use cold, hard cash as banks refuse credit accounts for fear of federal prosecution. But two software developers say they are working around that problem by creating the first digital currency targeted specifically for state-legal pot businesses. The first company, PotCoin, is taking a pretty cloaked stance as of right now, only discussing their product in vague terms. Developers go by names like “MrJones” and “SmokeMan” to the media and say they’ll have more when they unveil in April. The other…

Uruguay proposes buying Canadian weed to kick-start legal pot program

Want to smoke Canadian weed? Head to Uruguay. Or, at least that will be the case if a proposed deal to re-up Uruguay’s soon-to-be-legal supply with B.C. buds goes through. But Uruguayans looking to get down on some God Bud probably shouldn’t hold their hits in too long, as the deal would likely violate a bucketful of international drug treaty violations. Still, you can’t fault a nation for trying. Come April 1, limited amounts of marijuana will be legalized for adults in Uruguay. But officials in that country worry that the supply might not meet the demand – especially if…