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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Supporters Speak Out For Pot Doc

Supporters of a contentious medical marijuana program are rallying behind a Coe Hill-area family practitioner facing medical marijuana-related fraud charges across Canada Dianne Bruce is a vocal advocate for the Health Canada operated program and the drug she praises for enabling her to enjoy simple pleasures such as getting out of bed in the morning.  Without medical marijuana she said she would be overcome by a barrage of ailments including crippling aches and chronic pains. Bruce’s first hand knowledge of the program is fuelling her displeasure about the scrutiny and public backlash being shown to Dr.  Rob Kamermans since news…

Pennsylvania Marijuana Legalization Bill Gets NAACP Support

Though many say the bill has a snowball’s chance in a forest fire of passing, Pennsylvania’s proposed recreational marijuana legalization bill received the support of the NAACP yesterday. In a press conference, David Scott with the Pennsylvania NAACP, called the war on drugs a “catastrophic failure” and said the bill would be a step towards addressing the racial disparity among marijuana arrests in the state. Figures show blacks are more than five times more likely to be arrested for marijuana than whites in Pennsylvania, despite studies showing usage rates between whites and blacks are about the same. “So much money…

First Two Vermont Dispensaries Open For Business (VIDEO)

Medical marijuana patients in Vermont now have two additional choices when deciding how to procure their medicine. Champlain Valley Dispensary in Burlington and Vermont Patients Alliance in Montpelier are both open for business as the first two dispensaries in the state.  Dispensaries were approved by the legislature in May 2011 and dispensary owners have had to jump through numerous hoops to open up shop – including getting Federal Bureau of Investigations background checks and outfitting their dispensaries with required security systems and emergency alarms. The rules – written by the Department of Public Safety – are slightly stricter than states…

Corrigan Joins Pot Movement

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan put his name on the dotted line Thursday, calling for marijuana to be taxed and regulated, along with seven other B.C.  mayors. The open letter to Premier Christy Clark; Adrian Dix, leader of the B.C.  New Democrats; and John Cummins, leader of the B.C.  Conservative Party, comes on the heels of a similar letter from four former Vancouver mayors last December and one from four former B.C.  attorneys general in February. Corrigan told the NOW in December that while he personally supported an end to pot prohibition, he would not make a public statement in his…

New Jersey legislature easing medical marijuana rules for children, increasing available strains

Though the medical marijuana program approved by New Jersey voters is only three years old and just now getting off the ground, many say it’s time for some much-needed (and positive) changes. And thankfully, the legislature is listening. Senate bill 2842, which passed yesterday on a 25-13 vote, and Assembly bill 4241 would make it easier for children suffering from certain debilitating conditions to have access to medical cannabis, allowing dispensaries to sell edible forms of cannabis, and broadening the spectrum of strains allowed from just three to as many as the dispensary can track down and grow. New Jersey approved medical marijuana…

Pop Princess Miley Cyrus Professes Love For Pot

Marijuana is safer than alcohol. It’s an idea so easy to understand, that even vapid pop music stars understand it. Mile Cyrus, famous at one time for being a ‘tween sensation superstar and now just famous for being famous, tells Rolling Stone that she’s seen too many people burn out on booze – but that potheads she knows never seem to go down that road. “I think alcohol is way more dangerous than marijuana–people can be mad at me for saying that, but I don’t care,” Cyrus said in an online Q/A with the magazine. “I’ve seen a lot of…

Danko’s Dutch Travel Tips For Marijuana Consumers

I have never been to Amsterdam, although I have always wanted to go. Now that there are Cannabis Cup events in America, it has watered down my desire a bit, but the desire to attend the Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup is still there nonetheless. I am not a fan of traveling, especially to foreign countries, mainly because I don’t know how to speak other languages and tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Luckily Danny Danko from High Times made a video giving would-be Cannabis Cup goers some tips on traveling to Amsterdam. “The 26th HIGH TIMES Cannabis…

North Shore Home To First Pro-Pot Billboard

The Sensible BC campaign for marijuana reform launched an ad campaign in West Vancouver for a province-wide cannabis referendum A quarter-million commuters crossing the North Shore this week will have likely noticed the new greenery along Marine Drive near the Lions Gate Bridge. It’s not in the bushes or trees but rather, um, higher. The new ad campaign for marijuana legal reform was launched Monday by the folks at Sensible BC. Their electronic billboard ad lighting up the border between North and West Vancouver features a giant cannabis leaf on a blue background and the words “Join the Sensible BC…

Nevada: Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Dispensary Measure Into Law

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval has signed legislation, Senate Bill 374, authorizing the creation of up to 66 not-for-profit [correction: facilities may be for profit] medical marijuana dispensaries. Under the new law, state regulators are tasked with overseeing the creation of licensed establishments to produce, test, and dispense cannabis and cannabis-infused products to authorized patients. Nevada voters enacted a state constitutional amendment in 2000 mandating state lawmakers to allow for physicians to authorize qualified patients to consume and grow cannabis. However, that law did not provide for facilities where patients may obtain medicinal cannabis. Approximately 3,800 Nevadans are presently authorized to grow and/or consume cannabis under state law….

Harrison County Farmer Selected As New Chairman Of KY Industrial Hemp Commission

Harrison County farmer Brian Furnish has been chosen as the new chairman of the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission. Furnish said Thursday that Kentucky is at the forefront of efforts to revive the crop. His election as chairman came during a meeting of the hemp commission. State Agriculture Commissioner James Comer stepped aside as commission chairman in accordance with legislation that passed the General Assembly and is set to take effect. Under the new law, the agriculture commissioner will serve as the hemp commission’s vice chairman. The state law would allow the crop to be reintroduced, but only if the federal…