6 Reasons Why We Need to Support the Scientific Investigation of Medical Cannabis

Nowadays, the only way to determine if medical marijuana will relieve your symptoms is to try it. And even if you do experience relief, you won’t know for certain whether it’s attributable to cannabis or to the placebo effect because there hasn’t yet been enough scientifically rigorous clinical research done on cannabis to make reliable assertions on its application and effectiveness.

While some claim this dearth of evidence is due to the reluctance of “big pharma” to pursue research because of the lack of potential profits, a bigger, more obvious reason is the fact that cannabis is illegal. And not just a little illegal — in the United States, cannabis is categorized by the federal government as a Schedule 1 drug, alongside heroin and GHB (more commonly known as the “date rape” drug). Schedule 1 drugs are characterized as having “no currently accepted medical treatment use” and a “lack of accepted safety for use.”

So, in a Catch 22, research into the possible uses of marijuana as medicine is prevented by a law that has already concluded (despite a lack of research) that the plant has no medicinal value, and that mere possession makes one a criminal who is subject to jail time. Despite the White House recently eliminating a key restriction that has previously made medical marijuana research so difficult, the substance remains a Schedule 1 drug.

Why exactly is it so crucial for the United States to support actual scientific research of medical marijuana? These 6 reasons should provide some valuable insight:

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